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 A Xena Convention in Europe

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MessaggioTitolo: A Xena Convention in Europe   Gio Ago 11, 2011 2:47 pm

Dear friends Xenites,

Today, we have decided to make a special announcement about a project we have been working on for a long time now.

As we know it, lots of European Fans are hoping for a Xena Convention to be held in Europe someday. A dream that came almost reality with "The Musical" Convention which took place in France, in Paris, on August 2010 and the guest was the talented Reneé O'Connor (Gabrielle). I say "almost" because, although it was a great joy to meet Reneé O'Connor, it wasn't a 100% Xena Convention. And what the Xenites are deaming of (and have fought for), it's a Convention only about Xena.

After several requests here and there to various organizers of conventions, let's be realistic, no one is interested in doing a Xena Convention. Why? Quite simply, the show isn't topical anymore. So, for them (the organizers), make a Xena Convention is too risky and I understand them... But, they aren't Fans as much as we are, and as Fans we all know that the Xenite Community is important and still blazing of passion for the show. Xena isn't really gone and we are the proof of this! Smile

So, instead of waiting and hoping for someone to make our dream come true someday, we have decided to make it! With the Fan Club, we are planning to organize a 100% Xena Convention in Europe and most precisely in France! :D And as you know, this project can't come reality without you.

As we announced it when the Fan Club opened, our association was created to make the projects of the Fans come true, and the project of a convention can come reality only with the support of the Fans. The Fan Club is quite new but it can be proud of its numerous members and of the support it's drawing, support that we witnessed during the Gay Pride of Paris or during the Comic Con' where we had a stand dedicated to the show. This motivates us to keep the passion of the Xenite alive and we have decided to set the bar very high and make a Xena Convention in France by ourselves. Smile

Like the other organisations, before starting to work on such a project, we would like to know if a Xena Convention in Europe can be possible. That's why we published a poll on the forum where you vote to tell us if you're sure or not of taking part in this event organised by ourselves. Please vote "Yes", only if you are sure of being able to come, otherwise it will distort the poll and lead us nowhere. Wink

The more you are to support this project, the more it can become true. So don't hesitate to spread the word around you. Of course we are Fans but we are realistic, this project can only be possible if it arouses enough interest.

Moreover, the next Official Xena Convention will be holding in the USA, at the end of January 2012 and it will be the last Official Convention ever. It's a sad news because each year, Fans from all over the world were used to go to this event. We are ready to take up the torch if we have to, but to do so we need the support of Fans from all over the world to make this project come true. According to the votes of the poll and your comment, we will see the viability of such a project. Nothing is certain yet!

A Xena convention in Europe it's the dream of lots European Fans and Fans are precisely the most qualified to organise such a project. The Fans will be able to meet other Fans' expectations to make an unforgettable event. Xena-Immortal commits itself to offer you a event worthy of being called unforgettable event if you show us that you're numerous of wanting a convention in France. Smile

We won't be able to do anything if no one devotes oneself a little. So show us that you are here, you are still dreaming of seeing a Convention in Europe to meet your favourite actors!

For those who attended "The Musical" Convention, it was amazing to meet Reneé O'Connor, a woman very generous who gives herself for her Fans. If you want to meet her (again) or/and meet other actors of the show as generous as she is, you know what you have to do! :D

We are waiting for your vote to our poll and your comments here.
Please vote only one time and vote "Yes" only if you're sure of being able to come. With your vote, don't hesitate to post what you think about such a project. Wink

Don't forget, Xenites, it's only together that we can make our dreams come true! :drunken:

To make an answer, click on and you can vote even if you aren't a member of the forum. Wink But please, vote only one time.

cheers cheers cheers BATTLE ON XENITES !!! cheers cheers cheers
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: A Xena Convention in Europe   Ven Ago 12, 2011 10:49 am

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A Xena Convention in Europe
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