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MessaggioTitolo: Exclusive Interview: ANDY WHITFIELD BARES IT ALL IN 'SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND'   Sab Apr 03, 2010 2:21 pm

Un'intervista a Andy da If magazine, fatta prima che gli venisse diagnosticata la malattia.

Parla del suo personaggio, delle sue avventure sul set e altro:

Citazione :
As SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND nears the end of its inaugural season, iF Magazine thought this would be a fine time to talk with the man himself, Andy Whitfield. In case you haven’t seen the newest Starz drama, SPARTACUS chronicles the story of the legendary gladiator. Stretched out over thirteen episodes, SPARTACUS has gained a reputation for being heavy on the gore and heavy on the sex.

Whitfield has taken the time to answer a few questions about filming the first season, and dealing with life onstage in a loincloth.

[Editor's Note: This interview took place before the recent announcement that Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and will be undergoing treatment before Season Two starts shooting].

iFMAGAZINE: Can you talk about what life was like on set?

ANDY WHITFIELD: You know what, it’s great. One aspect of the show, there’s a lot of dramatic, fairly heavy things that happen to these characters. So there are days you walk in and kind of want to wear your iPod and just not hang out with the crew so much and be ready for when they say, “Do it now!” And so there’s that, but there’s plenty of days when you’re doing a sword fighting scene and just have fun! It’s so much fun! The people are hilarious. I was hanging out with Jai [Courtney] and John Hannah - it’s amazing we got the thing finished to be honest. It’s ten to 7:00 on a Friday, we’re running out of time, and he’s kind of adlibbing, making stuff up. But it’s just so funny! And it’s a really nice bunch of people, amazing crew. I can’t wait to see them all again.

iF: In every cast, people take on different roles off camera. For example, there’s always a class clown. Where do you think you fit in?

WHITFIELD: I think I’m the captain. I think I ended up being that because I’m there everyday. I think I had three days off in eight and a half months of shooting. The directors come and go, the cast comes in to see how much work they have. You know, people move around. I can sort of go, “We’ve already done this like this.” I can help go, “you know, we already did that in episode five.” I felt like if I turned up and was ready to rock, make sure everyone is okay, then we’re going to have a great day.

iF: SPARTACUS has gained a reputation for being rather graphic in its depiction of certain aspects of life in the first century. How do you get accustomed to all the sex and violence?

WHITFIELD: I think it was a shock at the beginning, but it’s appropriate for that time. That wasn’t really unusual then and it would be inauthentic to not go there, because it would stand out like a sore thumb because you can do anything in 73 B.C. We can get away with anything. To not do that would be wrong. I’m not into gratuitous violence, but I get how it played a part in what had to be achieved. That’s always a road that we’re on.

iF: How hard was it getting used to being either in a loin cloth or naked the majority of the time?

WHITFIELD: It’s cold. It’s New Zealand. It’s two degrees above freezing in the studios in the morning. And they’re spraying me with water to make me look sweaty. And you just realize you’re out there. You have to actually be comfortable standing there. There’s no where to hide. And I guess that brings out everything - you know, you’ve got to share yourself with everyone that’s watching, and that’s acting. It’s letting people see the flaws and whatever you have.

iF: Spartacus is a well known figure in history and in cinema. What unique qualities do you think you bring to the character of Spartacus?

WHITFIELD: I really wanted to bring a kind of vulnerability to him. You know, he could be kick ass and as you read it, you go “Wow, he’s just going to beat everyone. He’s going to nearly lose in the episode and then win.” But I think without the kind of vulnerability and the things that are at stake showing, I think you don’t care. I was happy to look beat up and ugly and stuff like that, so I think that’s what I try to do. Just lay it all about there.

iF: What do think has been the most intense scene in the series have been so far?

WHITFIELD: There’s actually a giant orgy scene. That was interesting because you had a lot of background actors going for it. And then we have to sort of hit your spot and remember your lines and shout over the groaning and moaning. So I think that was probably the hardest scene to do. And occasionally, there’s a guy named Jai Courtney who plays Varro, Spartacus’ best friend, and we would just hit it off the second we got together and sometimes we had to be separated because we couldn’t get through a scene. We were just having so much fun. So after a while when you can’t stop that and you really want to get on with the show, that’s quite intense.
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