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 La frase più famosa in Spartacus adesso è una fanpage su FB, con tanto di articolo su EW

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MessaggioTitolo: La frase più famosa in Spartacus adesso è una fanpage su FB, con tanto di articolo su EW   Ven Apr 02, 2010 9:16 am

E' una frase che viene ripetuta spesso in Spartacus, ed è ormai diventata in America una delle frasi più citate.

"By Jupiter's c...k" Adesso hanno anche creato una fan page a riguardo, ed è persino citata su un articolo di Entertainment Weekly(Un sito molto serio)

L'articolo è stato segnalato da Starz stesso, sulla pagina ufficiale di Spartacus di FB:

Qui c'è l'articolo
Citazione :

'Jupiter's c–––!' a.k.a. the reason I need to start watching 'Spartacus'

I have never seen an episode of Starz’s Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Maybe it’s because I get uncomfortable watching non-comedic sex scenes on television, or because the mixture of “blood” and “sand” just makes me feel like I need to buy a lot of carpet cleaner. But maybe it’s time I start tuning in — while searching the news yesterday, I came across this Reuters Q&A with executive producer Steven S. DeKnight, and saw my new favorite expletive listed in the article’s lede: “Jupiter’s c–––.” (It rhymes with sock.)

Apparently, this expletive is used quite a bit during each show. There are even Facebook groups devoted to it. So tell me: How did the “Jupiter’s c—” movement pass me by? I’m someone who loves creative expletives (“a–pirate,” “t–twaffle,” and “Great Odin’s Raven!” are among my faves) — and this is easily the best one I’ve heard in quite a while. What does it even mean?! Of course, they aren’t speaking about the fifth planet from the sun, because last I checked, Jupiter doesn’t boast any sort of male anatomy. No, they’re referring to Jupiter, the Roman deity. But I have yet to figure out anything particularly noteworthy or offensive about his genitalia. In fact, I’ve even done a search for “c—,” “penis,” “genitalia,” and almost every other term for a penis on Jupiter’s Wikipedia page, and have come up empty. (And when I tried to Google image the term, I came up with this. Not so helpful. You can see Jupiter’s anatomy in photo paired with this post, but it’s nothing to write home about, right?)

Another reason I’m disappointed over being late on this whole “Jupiter’s c—” thing: according to Urban Dictionary, the term has even spawned a drinking game. And if you know anything about journalists, you know how much we love drinking games.

How late am I on this, PopWatchers? And doesn’t “Jupiter’s c—” need to be used on a daily basis?

P.S: Non prendete questo topic in senso negativo, non c'è nessuna intenzione provocatoria o sporca da parte mia. Ho postato l'articolo percè è divertente e fa un pò di ironia su questa frase. E se l'ha citato il fanclub ufficiale di Spartacus, non c'è niente di male a postarlo anche qui Smile
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La frase più famosa in Spartacus adesso è una fanpage su FB, con tanto di articolo su EW
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