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 Katrina Law- Mira

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MessaggioTitolo: Katrina Law- Mira   Sab Mar 20, 2010 10:03 am

Il nono episodio vede l'entrata di un nuovo personaggio: Mira, la schiava numero 2 di Lucretia(la numero 1 è Naevia).
Il personaggio è interpretato da Katrina Law(vista in Chuck e in altre serie TV), e si preannuncia un personaggio interessante e intrigante.

Qui c'è una foto(metto il link):

Qui c'è un'interessante intervista condotta da Ausxip, dove Katrina ci parla del suo personaggio,di com'è lavorare con Andy, Lucy, Rob e il resto del cast, di cose divertenti avvenute sul set di Spartacus, del suo nuovo ruolo in Legend of The Seeker come Morth'Sith e dei suoi progetti futuri(posterò qualche citazione riguardante Lucy)
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Sab Mar 20, 2010 10:17 am

Vi riporto alcune citazioni di Katrina sul suo rapporto di lavoro con Lucy:

You have been working with some of AUSXIP’s favorite actors (Lucy Lawless, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Craig Parker, Erin Cummings), producers (Rob Tapert, Paul Grinder), and directors (Michael Hurst) on Spartacus, what have you learned from them?

I’d have to begin with Lucy Lawless. She is so humble, down to earth, gracious, welcoming and fun loving. However she is also intimidating which is very good since she’s my “Domina” on the show and I’m supposed to be scared to death of her. She has these piercing blue eyes, and as her slave you’re not supposed to stare directly at her, but they are so intense that it’s hard not to. She constantly surprises me with her choices and is so free and comfortable with them which is a lot harder to do than it sounds. I’m still working hard to master that aspect of my craft.

Su Rob e Lucy:
My favorite “secret Rob Tapert moment” is seeing him walk around set, being completely head over heels in love with Lucy. Those candid glimpses of him were an inspiration for me that not all marriages in this industry end in destruction or scandal, though the tabloids would have us all believe otherwise.

Alcune curiosità sui costumi che cambiano come cambia e si sviluppa un determinato personaggio:

Spartacus is a huge period piece. How have you found yourself dealing the costuming, hair, and make-up? Once it is all done and you walk on set, do you find it transforming or easier to get into character?

Well, my costume is practically non-existent. It took all of two seconds to get into and out of so it was a breeze. The beauty of the “slave” costume is its subtly. Barbara Darragh put so much time, thought and love into a simple “frock” that the depth of detail is deceptive. She made each costume grow and change with its character’s growth. For instance my costume starts out very simple and muted in color, but as my character grows and gets stronger, you’ll notice the colors change, mirroring Mira’s feistiness in warmth and texture. Also Illythia’s costumes early in Season One were decorated with flowers and were quite feminine, but as her character developed throughout the season, a keen eye can pick out lots of…shall we say “aggressive” changes in how she is dressed and adorned. (I can practically hear four million remote controls hitting the PAUSE button over and over). Also you’ll notice that as Lucretia’s position changes and improves, her costumes gradually become more elaborate and fine as she climbs the social and financial ranks in status.

In Spartacus, Mira and Naevia are considered privileged slaves. Naevia being the number one slave to Lucretia and Mira the number two. Because of this you’ll notice that Naevia’s costumes also gradually get nicer and more vibrant. Her costume starts getting pieces of metal and tassels as decoration as Lucretia’s status improves. Almost like a rich socialite would put a jeweled collar on a prized dog. In front of other slaves it does give you a sense of superiority just based on the fact that you are more covered up and are not as physically exposed on a daily basis as the others. When in the presence of women like Lucretia and Ilithyia, it is also a stark reminder that they are your superiors simply because of their beautiful dresses, shoes, colors and lack of nudity.

My make-up was very natural and simple and I didn’t have to wear a hair piece. I was one of the few, if only, women on set that could take a nap in full costume and wake up without anything being in disarray. Lucky me! In fact, I had it so good that I think if I even tried to comment or complain one of the other female cast members will find me and beat me up.

Jane O’Kane accomplished the same effects and told the same story with the hair and make-up as Barbara Darragh did with her costumes. Again, a keen eye will notice that Naevia’s hair becomes less tight and pulled back as the season progresses. Instead of being constricted, it is let down and allowed to be more flowing and free, thus indicating her privileged status. I think one of my favorite moments is when Ilithyia tells Lucretia that she will help her with her hair. That one simple (and very human) insult both captures the class differences of the time and also translates into modern “cattiness” that every woman has experienced at one time or another. And it was all just about the hair.

Direi che è interessante Smile

Una simpatica curiosità su Lucy:
Another juicy tidbit for you: If you ever talk to Lucy Lawless and she tells you that her thumbs hurt because of all the texting she does on her phone, just know that is a dirty lie. They hurt because she is an iPhone Spider Solitaire addict and plays every chance she can get, sometimes even between takes. She puts it on silent and tucks it into her glorious gowns. She also refuses to get treatment.
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Lun Mar 22, 2010 10:05 am

Anche Katrina contribuisce all'asta di Beneficenza di Ausxip.
Il ricavato dei suoi oggetti va a Starship
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Lun Mar 22, 2010 10:37 am

Affascinante e bellissima donna,come non notarla Smile

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Mar Mar 23, 2010 9:29 am

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Dom Mar 28, 2010 10:54 am

Katrina Law ha scritto un nuovo blog, riguarda le scene di nudo che ha fatto in Spartacus.
Come Lucy anche lei non aveva mai fatto scene di nudo, e prima di farle ha voluto assicurarsi di cosa si trattava, come sarebbero state fatte, cosa avrebbero mostrato, se erano sicure ecc.
Alla fine l'hanno convinta:
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francesco i.

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Dom Mar 28, 2010 11:40 am

me la ricordo perfettamente in Chuck..interpretava un'assassina spietata che torturava il protagonista.
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Dom Apr 04, 2010 9:20 am

Katrina Law ha scritto un nuovo blog. Parla della maratona che fanno ogni venerdi lei e alcuni suoi amici nel vedere Spartacus, del fatto che guardando l'episodio 10 i suoi amici ci sono rimasti malissimo e invece di commentare l'episodio come fanno sempre, erano li ad asciugarsi le lacrime per la morte di Varro, si sono alzati e se ne sono andati in silenzio.
Katrina in questo blog analizza anche i cattivi della serie: Ilythia, Ashur, Batiatus e Lucretia. E' molto interessante, leggete qui:

Citazione :

I was having a chat with one of the producers of Spartacus last week and she said a very interesting thing: “A show is only as good as its Villains.” And this got me thinking…

Using that comment as a measuring stick, after the events which occurred in episode 10, I think Spartacus just might be the best show on Earth, especially when you consider the reaction so many had to the events in last week’s episode, “Party Favors.” There was a HUGE outcry over the death of Varro.

It is great to see so many fans emotionally invested in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. To have this much passion about a television show is rare and caring this much makes it a whole lot more fun than just watching an episodic series to pass the time.

Every Friday night, my fiancé and I host a “Sparty Party” for our friends and quite often some of the cast members show up either in person or via Skype to join in the fun. We are very lucky to have a great group of friends, but one added bonus is that they are completely spoiler free and watch the show with the same perspective that most fans of Spartacus do on Friday nights. This gives us a chance to see how people are really reacting to each episode since our experiences are colored by already knowing what is going to happen. My one friend was so spoiler free that she didn’t even know what my role on the show was going to be, so every week she would volunteer a new guess about what my character was going to end up becoming with strict instructions to not let her know if she guessed right.

Last Friday, when episode 10 aired, they went into the show as innocently and excitedly as the next person, but by the end of the episode they just sat there in stunned silence. No one moved. No one talked. There was no lively chat about the episode and discussions about what might be happening next week like usual, just the silent contemplation of who they should be angriest with most…Ilithyia, Numerius, Ashur, or Batiatus, and how upset they were over the loss of such a great character (and actor) in Varro. Instead, they just slowly gathered up their belongings, dried their tears, said their goodbye’s, and left.

Varro’s death scene impacted everyone in a very real way. It was powerful and moving, and while I knew what was going to happen (I was there when that entire scene was filmed, after all) I was still affected to the point that I had to fight back tears. I sincerely have to give major Kudos to Andy, Jai, Steven DeKnight and his writing team, Chris Martin-Jones (episode 10 director), and the editors for the job they all did on this episode. Simply put, it was amazing.

So I wanted to take a moment to recognize Spartacus: Blood and Sand’s “love to hate ‘em” characters…and we’ve got quite a few of them. After all, THEY make the show every bit as much as the heroes do.


…Or as likes to refer to her “Paris Hilton B.C.”

The first week I was on set, I was invited to watch episodes 1 and 2 of Spartacus in order to get on the same page as the rest of the cast. I was immediately mesmerized by the performance by Viva Bianca (actress who plays Ilithyia). She was simply delightful on screen. She was so lively and spoiled and bratty and innocent all at the same time. Viva has done an amazing job with Ilithyia. She has managed to find every nuance of that character and bring her life with such flair and conviction.

Ilithyia is the girl that we all hated in high school; the one that got everything she wanted because daddy made sure she got it. The person who was so consumed with her own life and gains that she rarely took into account what others were feeling or going through. I often laugh and think of Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. “Daddy! I want an Oompa loompa now!”

Some people argue that she has no reason to hate Spartacus directly and that it is Glaber who should harbor the anger, but if you were a woman who had her entire life lined up into a perfectly pretty straight white line and then dirty Spartacus came and stomped all over it, wouldn’t you do your best to get rid of him as well? As I see it, from Ilithyia’s point of view, Spartacus came really close to ruining everything for her. He shamed her husband, made the two of them a joke amongst their peers, destabilized Glaber’s eventual promotion to Senate, and in layman’s terms, Spartacus was messing with her rent money and we all know that’s just not cool. Added to that, all of this coming from a man who is a traitor to Rome who disobeyed a direct order from his superior in the military and should have died in the arena months ago as punishment, but instead is being elevated to Rock Star status and lauded as a hero.

What makes Ilithyia even better is that while Ilithyia is so evil and hate filled, Viva Bianca is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. Isn’t it always the nicest one’s who can do the most damage? So congrats to you Viva! You’ve got the fans all riled up and only a great actress with some serious acting chops could pull that off.


He’s another of our “love to hate you so much” characters. I think people may have been a little confused on what to think about Ashur when he first came onto the scene: Little bit of a beef with Crixus, kind of trying to be Spartacus’ friend, extremely close to Batiatus. But I think by episode 5, everyone pretty much knew what category to put Ashur into. After episode 10, I think everyone is bracing for the worst and hoping for a pre-emptive death for our villain before he can do any of those villainous things that we all fear that he is going to do.

But Ashur is more than that; he’s extremely complex. I see him as a man who is fighting for survival, a man who desperately wants to be a gladiator and accepted into the Brotherhood, but was at the same time betrayed by his own ‘brother’ Crixus while fighting in the arena. He can no longer fight with the same skill as before, so in order to remain useful (and remain alive) he puts his intelligence to the task. He is essentially abandoned by his brotherhood once he is injured and when he is finally in position to be back among them, and once again fight for glory and honor, he is told that he is too valuable to Batiatus (and thereby, the Ludus) outside of the arena to go back in and risk being killed. In other words, he did the job that he hates doing TOO WELL. He is a man crushed and betrayed and looking for someone to be loyal to. I guess it would be like being a starter on the basketball team, having your leg broken by your own teammate, becoming score keeper and then getting stuck in that job because you just happen to be the best damn score keeper to ever exist. I would be frustrated and angry too.

Much respect to Nick Tarabay who plays Ashur. He has found a way to avoid becoming the cliché of the mustache twirling villain and instead gives his character a depth and charm that could so easily be over looked by a lesser actor. Like Viva, Nick is one of the nicest people you will ever meet; so genuine and down to earth with the ability to make a room full of people laugh. I know for the past few episodes he has been contemplating putting bars over his windows and entering into Witness Protection due to fan reactions towards Ashur…all in good fun of course.


I think Batiatus is the super villain of all villains. His ambition and his desire to watch his family flourish and succeed, to rise above its station and gain acclaim, is so relatable that it is one of the reasons we love to love him and hate that we have to hate him. Here is a character who is really not doing anything wrong, but is just functioning according to the rules of his time period. Life is expendable and slaves are property. He is only doing what probably every other head of the household would do with their slaves, but he isn’t malevolent and his drive is not evil in nature. He is cut throat and he does what he has to in order to stay alive and provide for the wife he loves. Isn’t that what most business owner do to a very basic level? And his revenge towards the Magistrate is merely: An eye for an eye (reasoning which was common philosophy for the culture and the time period). I also think another thing which endears him to us is that even though he does horrible things to Spartacus, you can genuinely feel that Batiatus likes Spartacus. And Spartacus likes Batiatus as well. Can you say Stockholm Syndrome?

Yet we view him from the safety of OUR time with OUR morals in a post-Christian/Islamic Western society and according to our rules…he is bad.

It is our fortune as an audience that Batiatus is such a very well written character, and that John Hannah is a brilliant actor, consistently making dangerous choices which make Batiatus a force to be reckoned with, just makes it that much of a joy to watch the performance unfold.

And finally: Lucretia.

A woman who loves her man and stands behind him no matter what, is someone to admire. A woman who is struggling to fit in with the elite, a class far above her who swim in dangerous waters all their own, is someone to root for. A woman who desperately wants a child and hides the fear that she’ll never conceive is someone we can all sympathize with. All of these things are aspects of who Lucretia is. But her station in life, her own ambitions, both personal and romantic, combined with a temper and mean streak which rivals even that of the Gladiators in the Ludus below, raises her threat as a villain to new heights.All of this makes her character so complex that it is sometimes difficult to decide whether she is the story’s heroin or its matriarchal devil. Lucy Lawless floats across the moral lines with such grace and fluidity that it almost becomes a dance watching her performance.

As an actress I constantly marvel as I watch the risky choices she makes and how strongly she takes them on. It’s a constant reminder of how far I have to go on my own personal journey to the excellence I desire. And seeing how she dawns the mantle of “evil Lady Macbeth” is a challenge to match as well as an inspiration for myself to someday equal.

So much of her performance and who her character is resonate deeply within myself as a woman that it makes it hard to hate her, yet my morals insist that I do just that. Luckily I know that my feelings that she is evil are justified in the end. How do I know this? Well…we’re all about to see this first hand.

So hats off to all of you villains…you are a joy to watch.

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Gio Apr 22, 2010 4:27 pm

Katrina Law in Legend of The Seeker

Questa settimana e quella dopo andranno in onda due episodi con Katrina Law(Mira in Spartacus) di Legend of The Seeker.
Katrina interpreta una Mord Sith. Inoltre presto verrà messa una pagina ufficiale di Katrina, su Facebook

To all Katrina fans: Katrina will be in this week's episode (the 18th of this season) of Legend of the Seeker as one of Darken Rahl's (Craig Parker, C. Glaber) Mord Siths. She will also be in next week's episode as well (episode 19) so be sure to set your DVRs for both weeks. It's a fun show in a lighthearted style similar to Lord of the Rings.

Since Legend of the Seeker is syndicated it is on different channels at different times depending on which city you are in, so check your local listings. I do know that WGN Chicago carries the show on a larger format for those of you with satellite.

Thanks for all of your support. We are currently putting together Katrina's Official Celebrity Page here on Facebook and it should be up and ready within a week or so. Once that is put together we're going to be deleting this group, so keep your eyes open. We will send out a message to all members once it's finished.
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Sab Apr 24, 2010 1:24 pm

Foto di Lucy e Katrina Law, dietro le quinte di Spartacus

Katrina Law ha messo sulla sua pagina di Facebook ufficiale una sua foto con Lucy dietro le quinte di Spartacus:

La foto viene da qui:

E la pagina ufficiale di Katrina su Facebook è questa:
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Mer Apr 28, 2010 2:17 pm

Katrina Law: Sito ufficiale, Twitter, e Blog

Per i fans di Katrina Law, Mira in Spartacus, qui c'è il suo sito ufficiale:

La sua pagina Twitter:

La sua filmografia:

Il suo blog
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Mer Apr 28, 2010 2:20 pm


Katrina Law ha scritto l'ultimo blog riguardante Spartacus, ringraziando tutti quelli coinvolti nella serie e anche i fans.
Leggetelo qui:
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francesco i.

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Mer Apr 28, 2010 2:33 pm

grazie per il link
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Mer Apr 28, 2010 2:34 pm

Prego Smile
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Katrina Law- Mira   Sab Mag 01, 2010 3:35 pm

Un'intervista a Katrina Law che parla di Spartacus e Legend of The Seeker.
Inoltre parla di come ha incontrato Lucy, e di come Lucy la voleva fare sentire a suo agio portandola in giro per il set e facendole conoscere il resto degli attori.
Parla anche delle condizioni di Andy:

It's unlikely we'll ever see Katrina Law wearing her long hair Snooki style.

But the gorgeous New Jersey native, who played the slave Mira in Starz' "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" this past season, doesn't deny how "real" some cast members on MTV's "Jersey Shore" are--especially the guys.

"It's just so funny because everybody in Jersey is all up in arms right now about how this is such a stereotype," she told me Wednesday. "I hate to be the one to set it straight, but I have dated boys that I fully expect to see on 'Jersey Shore.'

"They took longer to get ready than I did. They're hair was more immaculate. Their nails were manicured. They were spray tanned--the whole nine."

Law, who was raised in rural South Jersey in a suburb of Philadelphia, now lives in L.A. but spent a lot of time this past year in New Zealand, where she filmed "Spartacus" and a role in "Legend of the Seeker."

You can see Law--in leather but with no Snooki poof--at 4 p.m. Saturday on WGN when she guest stars as Mord'Sith warrior woman Garen in "LotS." The episode, "Extinction," is the second of two parts that kicked off last weekend with "Walter." ("Walter" repeats at 3 p.m. Saturday.)

Law's Garen is loyal to the evil Lord Rahl (Craig Parker), who last week found a way to transfer from the spirit world to the real world in the body of his look-a-like, Walter. Garen helps with his plan, and also works to keep our heroes--Richard (Craig Horner), Kahlen (Bridget Regan), Zedd (Bruce Spence) and Cara (Tabrett Bethell) from stopping him.

"She is badass," Law told. "She is very loyal to Darken Rahl and she will basically do anything for him. I don't think she's particularly fond of Richard or any of his little crew."

In "Extinction," she'll continue "to stick up for her man," Law said.

Law will be sticking up for her other man, Spartacus (Andy Whitfield), in Season 2 of the Starz series. Mira survived the bloodbath of the Season 1 finale, and Law is ready to go back to work in September.

"When I got the [finale] script and I saw myself walking out on the last page I was like, 'This is awesome!'" she said.

Law was very generous with her time Wednesday--stepping away for 30 minutes from her duties as a volunteer at the Milken Institute's Global Conference to chat about acting opposite hot guys, her adventures in knitting and going from nude scenes in "Spartacus" to wearing full-leather gear in "LotS." I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did talking with her.

Here's hoping for more Mira (Katrina Law) and Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) in Season 2. (Starz photo)

What is the Global Conference?
The Global Conference is run by the Milken Institute, which is based out of Santa Monica. It's a global think tank. Basically they invite speakers from all over the world, politicians to CEOs and presidents of pharmaceutical companies and different non-profit organizations, and sometime even presidents and princes and queens and princesses of different countries. They bring them all here just to speak on different subjects such as healthcare reform, AIDS, terrorism, weapons or the education system. It's basically people coming here gathering ideas and talking about ways to improve our lives on the planet. It's pretty cool.

Are you attending just because you're interested, or are you speaking?
No, I volunteer every year. I kind of wrangle people and make sure the panelists get to the rooms they're speaking in on time. I really believe in the Milken Institute and I believe in the Global World Conference, so every year I volunteer if I can.

That's cool. I guess I saw you tweet something about it.
Oh, look at you following the tweets.

It's the new wave, right?
It's so effective, yeah. We actually had Biz Stone, who is the co-founder of Twitter, here speaking on one of the panels. I just thought it was really cool and I thought, "I'm going to tweet about this."

Great. So first of all, I love "Spartacus" and you in it.
Aw, well thank you very much.

But my first question is, how difficult was it acting opposite such hot, half-naked men all the time? Because I kind of wanted to be you.
[Laughs.] You know what? I just wrote a blog, you can find it on my Web site, and I have a picture. It's the very last picture and I actually dedicated it to

I know, I saw that.
I guess the funny thing though is, after the first day you just don't notice it anymore. It just becomes standard that men are going to be running around in little diapers and that's just going to be your day ... My first day was very intimidating because I was naked on set. It was my scene where I was with six other girls and we had masks on. I wasn't quite worried about how they looked; I was more worried about, "Do I look good? Maybe I should have worked out some more. God, I hope my diet worked." So, I had all those concerns going on. But by the end of the day, it was little beefcakes running around and it was, "Eh, whatever."


Katrina Law guest stars as the Mord'Sith Garen in "Legend of the Seeker."
Been there, done that. I wish. So was it a good experience working on the show?
Oh, it was an amazing experience. I've always wanted to go to New Zealand and Fiordland National Park has been a dream of mine for a while. So it's just all of a sudden being told that, No. 1, I booked a show called "Spartacus" that looks amazing from the trailers that they had shown me; and that I was going to be shooting on location in New Zealand. And getting to be a series regular, I mean what more could you ask for? But no, it was a great experience and everybody was wonderful.

Lucy Lawless, my first day there, tried to introduce me to every single person on set. I'm looking at her, I'm like, "Lucy, I've got four names down. Yours, John Hannah's and two others I'm friends with. Forget right now. I'm not going to remember all ..." She was trying so hard to help me fit in as quickly as possible and to feel as comfortable as possible ... No, it was great and John Hannah was cracking jokes left and right and everybody was just really welcoming. And the crew was probably one of the nicest crews that I've ever worked with.

So, overall it was a great experience and New Zealand is just a wonderful place to be filming. It takes away a lot of the Hollywood aspects. You actually just feel creative. You feel normal, relaxed and creative, which I think is a great way to be.

I've chatted with Lucy a couple of times and she's always a fun interview. I met her in San Diego and she was really funny and kind of bawdy.
Yeah, she's great; she has these amazing piercing blue eyes. It's kind of intimidating at the same time. It's great.

You filmed "Spartacus" in New Zealand, same as "Legend of the Seeker." Did you get "LotS" sort of while you were filming "Spartacus?"
No. I had auditioned for "Legend of the Seeker" on several different occasions completely separate from "Spartacus." Before I even heard of "Spartacus" I was auditioning for "Legend of the Seeker." I guess I was home for a month or two when I had to go and do a normal audition. I had to go in for the producers, or the casting director's session and then they basically called another girl and I back. We auditioned with a few adjustments and I was cast from that.

Yeah, but luckily when I went back the second time, I knew everybody in New Zealand from "Spartacus," so it was kind of like going back home to a family. It was great. Most of the actors were the same people and a lot of the crew members were the same people. It was kind of like, "Hey guys!"

It was two separate trips too?
Yeah. I actually went back to New Zealand twice for "Legend of the Seeker" because I shot two episodes, so it was good.

You and Craig Parker are in this and "Spartacus."
Yeah, Craig Parker is amazing.

Oh, also I saw the picture of you knitting from the "LotS" set. Was that you knitting or does Garen knit?
[Laughs.] That is me. I'm learning how to knit right now and I figure what better place to learn then here on set where you kind of have hours in between scenes sometimes just to do nothing. I had no idea what a spectacle I was making of myself by knitting.

What did you end up making?
Oh, nothing. My girlfriend had started it off. The first I guess 16 rows were just this immaculate, beautifully knitted thing. It could have been anything, and then she handed it over to me to let me continue on with it. And now it looks like some moths got to it. There are so many holes and dropped stitches. I don't even know how I did it, but the end's crooked and--it's just terrible. I looked at it and they're like, "Oh." They were trying to be nice to me and some of the girls were, "Oh, you know, you could make something out of it." They were looking at the bottom part. "Yeah, well what about the top part?" And their faces were kind of like, "Oh, yeah, yeah. You got a point."

Are you going to continue?
Yeah. My fiancé actually got me some knitting classes, which is really funny.

You're getting married? That's cool.
Yeah, I am getting married. He proposed to me in New Zealand in the South Island.

Is he an actor too?
He is an actor, and he's also a writer. He's been doing a lot of commercials lately, but he's doing the whole L.A. struggling thing like we all did and are ... He's a good one. (Law asked that I keep his name private, so don't ask.)

Did you find that the Mord'Sith red leather was nicer than the almost-no-clothes policy on Sparty?
It just made me laugh because it was such a 180 in many different ways because obviously on "Spartacus" I'm barely dressed, if I'm dressed at all--and then I'm a slave. When I play a Mord'Sith, I am so completely covered from neck to fingertips to toes, and then I'm the mean one and I'm the one beating up the slaves ... But surprisingly, the Mord'Sith costumes were a lot more comfortable than I thought they were going to be, so kudos to the wardrobe department. The first time they put it on [me], it took about a good 10 to 15 minutes to figure out all the lacing and how to get it on. But by the end of it, the woman who was helping me get dressed and I got it down to a two-minute ordeal. Good teamwork. It's like the NASCAR outfits.

They weren't like real sweaty and gross and everything?
Well, I had Skins underneath of it. You do sweat, but the other thing about it too is because it's leather, as soon as you cool down or a breeze comes through, you get really cold. So, you're either really hot or you're really cold. And my first day, because it's like a cat suit that you basically zip it up the front and you have to put all these different pieces on, I was trying to not be high maintenance by any means, and I was going all this time, I'm just going to leave it on and they keep offering to take it off, you know, or fix this or fix that, but of course at that time, it was still taking about 10 minutes to put on every single time. So I was saying, no, no, no. And then of course I didn't want to go to the bathroom so I wasn't drinking water at all. So by the end of the first day, we actually did have to have an emergency corset removal.

She kept looking at my face and finally she just looked at my face and says, "You're done. It's coming off. You're done." She took it off, made me go sit in my trailer with the air conditioning on full blast and gave me about two bottles of water, which I just tore through.

You have to do training just for the costume.
I know. I learned my lesson. After that, I drank as much water as I wanted to and as soon as they offered to take it off, it came off.

But overall, it was a good experience?
Oh, it was a great experience. I even asked if I could take the costume home, but I was denied.

Oh, too bad. I think it's confirmed that the show is not going to continue after this season. Did you hear that?
I've heard the rumors through Twitter. But I haven't had confirmation. I think they've been kind of preparing for the worst for awhile now. It's so sad because it's such a fun show. And I would have thought that somebody would have wanted to pick it up. The fans, the numbers aren't that great, but the fans that are into it are just rabid, hardcore, passionate fans. It's sad because their show's is being taken away because they were so dedicated.

They're still doing a "Save Our Seeker" campaign.
Well you know what? Wasn't "Scrubs" cancelled a million times?

So, you never know. If they keep it up and they keep saying they're going to watch... Even "Chuck" was supposed to be cancelled.

I was going to say, you were on "Chuck;" that's a perfect example of that same thing.
Oh, yeah, yeah. And I think "Chuck" is a great show too, and it's just sad the numbers aren't as high as they could be.

How was your experience on "Chuck?" Did you like doing your episode?
Oh my God. I really lucked out; pretty much all of my experiences have been amazing so far. I have yet to deal with any diva or any jerk or any mean producers or directors. I mean, everybody has just been pretty chill and happy and relatively happy to be working. So, "Chuck" was great and Adam Baldwin is--I love him, he's just has such a sense of humor and it's so sarcastic. It's great.

And Zac [Levi]; he's great. He's the same thing as Lucy. As soon as he saw me on set it was like, "OK, this is everybody, and here's Crafty [Craft Services, the food on set] and this is where you're going to do this." He was coming over and talking to me every five seconds. And I knew it was a lot out of duty, but just the fact that he was making the effort was just great.

And then Yvonne [Strahovski]--so gorgeous. I mean she looks great on camera, but in person she just, she glows. It's just kind of amazing. The same thing [can be said] about Bridget [Regan] and Tabrett [Bethel]. They look great on film, but when you see them in person you kind of just get blown away by how beautiful they are in general. Not only that, but just the light that comes off of them. It's really cool to see that. When you look at people sometimes and you just wonder, "Why are you the head of the show?" or "What makes you have the 'it' factor?" When you look at them in person and you see Bridget and Yvonne, and people like Lucy and Tabrett, all of a sudden you go, "Ah, I totally get it."

Working on "Legend" forced you to have to work with another shirtless, built dude in Craig Horner. How awful was that?
[Laughs.] Yeah. Unfortunately I didn't have that many scenes with Craig. We saw each other in passing all the time. I think I worked with his stunt double more than I did with him just because he was off busy doing the first-unit shoots. I was on the second unit most of the time. But he, again, he is just so nice. When we were home and all the Americans were over there to guest star and what not, he was just like, "Now we shall go out and get some wine and we'll go and hang out." That was just so sweet. [Laughs.] But no, I didn't get to see him with his shirt off unfortunately.

Tell me about Soundboard Fiction.
Oh, Soundboard Fiction is a band that I am in. I am the lead singer. I write most of the lyrics, though not all of them. And I just started playing the bass in it. Jack Mahoney, who is our drummer, we practice at his house. Patrick Bolen is pretty much just the musical genius all around. He can play pretty much any instrument that you hand him, but he's also our producer. And we basically get together once or twice a week and we just play music, record what we want. We do it for the love of music. We don't expect to make it huge by any means, it's just more of a stress-free way to be creative and just play. It's good.

You're not looking to break into the biz big time or anything like that?
I was expecting to be the next Britney Spears, but that never happened.

That's just not happening, huh? I can't imagine. I see that you are a triple threat--acting, singing and dancing.
I can dance too. I grew up dancing, but I think that's what happens when you grow up on the East Coast. You sing, act and dance; it's just what you have to do because there's Broadway. Not that I was on Broadway, but you know, we're all kind of trained for it.

Are we ever going to see you do all three at once?
I think it would be a lot of fun. If the role ever came around where I got the opportunity to play it, I would be down. Yeah, something like "Moulin Rouge" and "Nine"; I love those.

I was thinking you could guest star on "Glee."
Ohh. Well they actually have really, really good voices. I probably would be intimidated.

Oh I'm sure you could do it. I'll push that a little bit.
[Laughs.] I'd practice.

Let's go back to "Spartacus." How happy are you that you survived that blood bath in the finale?
I am ecstatic; I can't even tell you. First of all, I was cast in Season 2. I think when they cast most people, they opt you out for five to six years. But there is absolutely no guarantee that you will make it past Season 1 or past Episode 2 in Season 2 of "Spartacus." So, there's a big old target on your back. So it makes it fun and kind of interesting and a little bit stressful. But at the same time, I think it's such a great show to be on.

I think I was originally supposed to die in Episode 13, or at least they were kicking around the idea of killing Mira off. Somehow I managed to survive.

That finale was so, just beyond belief. It was just crazy.
Oh my gosh. From the time when he jumped over the banister, oh it was on. It was just awesome. Oh my God.

I watched it before it aired and I so wanted to talk about it for weeks. And I couldn't tell somebody.
CAA, who rep Steven DeKnight--they are really kind to all of us. They invited us to have a screening of the season finale at their theater. And from the first episode, my fiancé and I, we'd been having Sparty parties. They invited the original people from the Sparty party. So, friends of mine that have absolutely nothing to do with the show, or the business, were invited, plus one. And we went there and we got to watch it on this huge screen. So suddenly going back to the 52-inch screen we have at home--we have been spoiled. But watching it on that huge screen, it was great. It was just great.

Do you know anything about what's going to happen in Season 2 that you can say?
Well, pretty much everything right now is a rumor ... We're supposed to go back in September to start shooting Season 2, but you know, that can all change depending on what direction they decide to go. Once again, there's nothing stable about this show, which kind of is OK. It's been a learning experience to just be able to settle into myself and be like, "You know what, if you need to present me with a contract saying be here on this date, show up at this time, I will be there." Outside of that, it's a little too stressful to think about it too much.
Right, but you can do anything you want up until September, right?
Oh, yeah. I don't think I could do like another sword-and-sandal type of show ... When it does start, it's going to be a whirlwind again. So it is nice to take a little bit of a break. I am working in between, but at the same time, I really am enjoying my time in southern California.

I would think it would be hard to be far away from home and it's pretty physical and-
Yeah, it's a pretty demanding show and we're lucky that we only shoot five days a week. But most of it is mental because you're not near your family or your friends. To talk to your family and friends, it's this big ordeal; you can't just pick up the phone. You actually have to think about, "What time is it? What are they doing? What day is it even?"

I hear you and Peter Mensah have a special bond.
Peter Mensah is my favorite. I love him. He is just amazing, amazing, amazing. He's kind of deemed me his annoying little sister and I've deemed him my big bully older brother. It's good.

Has he shown you how to crack the whip?
He tried to, but I think he had put it in my hand for about three seconds before he realized that it was a bad idea for everyone.

Someone on Twitter wanted to hear any prank stories or crazy things that happened on the set.
Let's see. Well, we did have a prank that we were going to do, but it ended up getting cut because we ran out of time. But at the end, Brooke Williams, the woman who plays Aurelia, and I were going to get Naevia (Lesley-Ann Brandt) to come back and a couple of the other slaves. After the whole blood bath when we all walked out, we were going to do a shot where we were all run back inside and steal all of Lucretia's clothes and then run back out with armfuls of clothing. We were prepared; we even got permission from the wardrobe, from Rob Tapert, from the director, from a lot of the producers that were there ... But it was just too chaotic.

Unfortunately I don't think I was there long enough to witness all the pranks. Andy and I had to do our scene in Episode 13 where we kind of have our little make-out session and I was so nervous. I was literally dry heaving in my trailer. And it was kind of like God saying, "All right girl, I'm going to take a little a break on you." So when we were filming the scene, Andy and I were so intimate and so in the moment of this heart-wrenching moment, like "I want something, you want something, what are you going to do for it?" And our stomachs would not stop growling! They had to keep cutting and they had to keep feeding us trying to get our stomachs to stop growling. And it was just really funny because it was this intimate scene, "Spartacus, I really love you, but I'm really hungry."

You had a lot of scenes with Andy. I met him in New York and he seemed really cool.
Oh, Andy's amazing. Yeah, he's kind of shy and he's just really sweet and very down to earth. And it takes a little bit to get to know him, but it kind of worked out. I think the more we got to know each other, the more we got to know each other on screen as well, so it just kind of fit in very nicely.

He's so gentle and he's so giving. He loves talking through the scenes, which is the same thing that I like to do with my scenes. I like to see how every nuance of what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling, what are you thinking, what you're feeling, why are you saying this. If you say this, then I say that and how would that make you react and vice versa. So, he was very giving and there was no part of him that was acting like a diva by any means. And just always he had a smile on his face and was always ready to work and crack a joke if he could. It was good. So, I was very lucky to be working with Andy.

How did you react to the news about Andy's cancer diagnosis?
I was told a couple of days beforehand that production was being pushed, but they wouldn't give out the reason why ... Obviously it has to do with Andy because there are no other cast members that they would probably push a show for outside of Andy. And I asked if he was in jail. And they said, "No." I was like, is he in rehab? And they said, "No." And I said is he working on another project, and they said, "No." But we can't say anything else.

So, unfortunately from that, I kind of gathered that something terrible had happened with his health. I didn't know that it was going to be cancer by any means. And I was just as shocked as everybody else. I kind of figured it out a little bit beforehand, but like I said, it was only like a day or two beforehand, so it was just a matter of now waiting to see what the actual problem was.

The good thing is that he has such a brilliant wife. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. She is the strongest person that you could ever want to have by your side. And she is so strong and she's great and she loves him so much. She's really taking him to a positive place and I don't think there's any part of Andy that's going "why me?" or "My life is going so well and this happened." I just think that they are taking it in stride; this is another thing that is being put on their plate and they're just dealing with it. And as soon as that's done, they're moving one.

I think that is such a healthy place to be and I think that a huge part of that has to do with his wife being there for him and just kind of walking him through this whole thing. They caught it early and he's healthy.

So they're doing well, as far as you know?
Yeah, yeah. His wife has been sending out updates every two weeks just to let everybody know what's going on and she sounds amazing in it, and I don't think she's faking it.

OK, good. Good. All right, so I saw that bit of your stand up and you joke about your mixed ethnicity. I was going to ask how is that for you? But that was the joke that you made in the clip.
[Laughs.] You're that guy.

Right. This is probably going to end up sounding like that. Has it been helpful, hurtful, or has it been anything for you in Hollywood?
You know what? It's been both. A lot of times it's been enough to get me in through the door because they look and they say, "Oh, this is really interesting, what's this about?" But at the same time it has been hurtful because when they want an Asian, or they want a Caucasian, or they want a Hispanic or something, they go to the stereotypical. So a lot of times, I was kind of the wild card. If they called back five girls of blonds, I would be the brunette. If they called back five brunettes, I would be the exotic brunette. So in one sense it did feel like it was just this waiting pattern of, "OK, well, just let them get used to looking at you and eventually they'll figure it out." Because it's kind of looking at that new shiny thing and you're like, "Huh, what is that?"

It's pretty, but we don't know what it is.
Yeah, I don't quite get it. But you know what I mean. For one role, it was for a Lifetime movie or something like that, they were like, "Oh, we want a half-Asian girl. We want her to be Chinese and German." And I'm Chinese-Italian-German. So I went out for this thing and got called all the way back up to producers and directors and what not and it came down to me and a couple of other girls. And my feedback was, "Well, she just isn't half-Asian enough."

And they're saying, "She doesn't look like it." And I was literally just like, "This is what we look like. This is it. This is it right here."

So it's just one of those things. But in the end it all just kind of works out because there were several things that I was up for the past pilot season that I ended up not getting. Had I got those, I wouldn't have gotten "Spartacus." And I love the other shows; I think the actors are doing great on them. But this is the show for me. This is where I belong. So in the end I think the universe, God, he, she, it, they--whatever you want to say--is looking out for you in one way or another. And if you put it out there you're going to get what it is that you need. So, apparently, I needed "Spartacus."

And that's great for us. Do you see any of the "Spartacus" people back in L.A.?
Yeah, Peter Mensah and my fiancé and I hang out all the time and Nick Tarabay likes to smoke cigars with my fiancé.

So apparently Nick isn't as mean as his character is?
[Laughs.] No, he's actually a sweetheart and super funny and maybe half the time he has you cracking up and laughing. And Lesley-Anne was staying with us for a little bit when she was in the U.S. for a couple of months. We see a lot of producers and what not. And when Andy Cunningham and Andy [Whitfield] were both over here we saw them. It's actually a really close-knit cast, which is nice to be a part of.

Steven DeKnight, he's seems pretty cool too? I've been a fan for awhile.
Yeah, Steven's awesome. He's from Jersey as well, so we go back.

You go way back, huh?
Way back to the East Coast. [Laughs.]

One final thing. What's next for you? Have you got anything on the burner here coming up, besides your wedding?
Well, the wedding was pushed back just because we don't know what Season 2, or when it's happening. I don't have the stamina to try to do a season of "Spartacus" and try to plan a wedding at the same time. So as soon as we figure out when "Spartacus" is starting and when it's going to end, then we'll plan the wedding around that. It's just easier and one less stress that I have to have off the plate.

And then also, "The Resistance" is coming out soon. That was actually the show that jumped me onto "Spartacus." That's coming as a Web series. I'm not exactly sure where it's going to be yet, but as soon as that's released I will tweet about it.

It's directed by Adrian Picardi. He's an amazing, amazing young director ... The producers on that actually asked me to audition for "Spartacus." I have a nice little soft spot in my heart because we started that from ground zero and I was doing my own wardrobe, make up and carrying everything around.

It was a real do-it-yourself project?
Yeah, and you can put your heat and soul into a thing, so it's great when you see that it's actually gotten recognition and it's come along, and now it's about to air. So, it's exciting.

That's cool. Well, I'll let you get back to it. Thank you so much for your time. It was fun talking with you.
Thank you so much. It's good talking to you.
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E parla anche di Chuck e altri telefilm a cui ha preso parte.
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Katrina Law appoggia l'associazione: AHOPE for Children

L'attrice Katrina Law appoggia l'associazione AHOPE for children, per saperne di più e guardare il video dove manda un appello andate qui:
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Nuovo canale video di Katrina Law

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AHOPE for children

AHOPE for children è un'associazione senza scopo di lucro che aiuta, protegge e educa i bambini rimasti orfani da genitori malati di AIDS. Molti di questi bambini sono anche loro infetti dal virus HIV. Se volete aiutare questa associazione, andate su questo sito:

Katrina Law di Spartacus Blood and Sand appoggia questa associazione e ha fatto un video con un appello a fare donazioni. Guardate il video qui:
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