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 Lucy e il suo rapporto di lavoro con Rob, i suoi figli e i suoi progetti futuri per la sua carriera(da Venice Magazine)

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MessaggioTitolo: Lucy e il suo rapporto di lavoro con Rob, i suoi figli e i suoi progetti futuri per la sua carriera(da Venice Magazine)   Ven Feb 26, 2010 8:20 pm

Molti di voi tempo fa si sono chiesti come mai Rob non fa lavorare Lucy più spesso nei suoi progetti.
Beh da quello che dice Lucy, lei e Rob hanno fatto un patto, e cioè di non mischiare il lavoro con la vita privata perchè altrimenti il loro matrimonio si sarebbe sfasciato e da parte di Lucy di non partecipare ai progetti di Rob, nel caso di Spartacus Lucy ha fatto un'eccezione perche il ruolo le piaceva:

Citazione :
Int:You have a man on the inside!

Lucy:Right, but I’m not dealing with [Rob]. My deal is never made with him. He and I manage to keep our careers and marriage very, very separate. Very compartmentalized.

Int:That’s amazing, considering how you met on “Xena.”

Lucy: Yes, but you see, our marriage would have fallen apart if I expected him to cast me in everything, for me to be in everything that he did. Our marriage would not have survived. So long ago, I made a choice that, basically, I was not going to be in any of his stuff, so the pressure would be off him. I don’t even ask him about work very much. And often, people want to come to me with their ideas for something that I’d be perfect to play in — but what they really want is my husband to come and produce it. For us to come as a team, and to take on their project as our project,and I have to routinely say to people, “I understand that you want this so very badly, but Rob has his own project in mind — and I don’t even get to be part of them most of the time.” [laughs] You cannot sweet-talk your way, via me, into my husband’s life. Our relationship is not a business enterprise. We have a real, oldfashioned, love relationship that we’ve worked hard to maintainand spruce up. And we didn’t “literally” meet on “Xena,” because he wasn’t in New Zealand. But I think he saw me in the casting tapes, and went, “I’ll cast you as my wife!” [laughs] And 15 years later, we’re still together and it’s great!

Lucy poi dice una cosa dolcissima riguardo la sua famiglia(Rob e i figli), ovvero che sono tutto per lei, ed è bello tornare a casa e ricevere un abbraccio da parte dei suoi bambini, e un bacio da suo marito. Dice che per loro lei è una stella, non nella loro mente magari, ma nel loro cuore:

Citazione :
Int:And it’s important to you to maintain a traditional family environment.

Lucy:My family is my everything. I get the biggest, most jubilant hugs from my kids every time I come home. And from my husband. You’re a star to them. Maybe not in their minds, but you’re a star in their hearts. [laughs]

Ecco cosa ci dice dei suoi progetti futuri, ora che i suoi figli sono cresciuti Lucy è pronta a dare uno slancio in più nella sua carriera:

Citazione :
Int:Parenting is a lot of work.

Lucy:Now that my kids have reached a certain age, all of a sudden, I’ve found myself with more energy, and I’m going right back to basics in my career. The things that excited me so long ago, like Meisner and Stella Adler. I’m revisiting everything, and now it’s my time to invest in film, and all the things that, for the last 15 years, I’ve been too paralyzed by my role as a mother to attend to. It’s a huge indulgence for me, because being a mother has taken all the brainpower I have — which wasn’t much to start with [laughs] — and now I’m free to go back into it all. So it’s thrilling; now I’m going to go see some films!
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Lucy e il suo rapporto di lavoro con Rob, i suoi figli e i suoi progetti futuri per la sua carriera(da Venice Magazine)
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