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 Intervista a James Callis(Gaius Baltar) Menziona Lucy.

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MessaggioTitolo: Intervista a James Callis(Gaius Baltar) Menziona Lucy.   Lun Feb 15, 2010 9:14 am

Questa è un'intervista a James Callis, l'attore che ha interpretato Gaius Baltar in BSG.
Parla della sua carriera, del suo ruolo in BSG, del suo rapporto di lavoro con Tricia Helfer(Number six) e Lucy Lawless.
A proposito di Lucy racconta un aneddoto sulla scena del letto a tre:

Citazione :
What did I do? (pondering the question) Oh! One thing that I've done that was quite funny -- it was a total joke... Lots of the scenes I did, didn't get aired. I'd be naked or close to naked or Tricia would be close to naked and it was always us! We were doing a scene with Lucy [Lawless] once and she wanted a body double in one of these things -- actually in the end they didn't use the body double, so she was actually naked -- but the reason why she possibly didn't get used was, because I said to Lucy as a joke, and Tricia started with me: "When your body double gets out of the bed and you see a huge spot on your bottom, everybody will think that's your bottom." which was total rubbish! (both laughing) Lucy then said: "I think I don't need a body double, etc." Those kind of stupid, ridiculous things were quite funny.

In one scene you shared the bed with both Lucy Lawless and Tricia Helfer. I know as an actor you're very professional and there probably wasn't anything sexy about doing the scene with twenty crew members standing around, but as a guy weren't you thinking: "Cold Shower! Cold Shower!" at the time?

No, not at all. Three people in bed is kind of unusual for me anyway. (both laughing) It's not what I'm used to. It's like you say: there are twenty people around. Lots of people talk about these scenes. I think on some level it looks sexier than it is. Tricia is beautiful, Lucy Lawless is beautiful and I'm not! What I mean to say is that when we were there lying in bed, it's just a shot (snaps his fingers) and then it's: "Get up, get out." and it's not like we're in bed for a couple of hours. Perhaps in the viewers mind it's like: "What would they do to get into this situation and where's it going to go?", but we never film that. You can't see where it came from or leads to. You know, it's done wonders for my credibility!

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Intervista a James Callis(Gaius Baltar) Menziona Lucy.
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