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 Erin Cummings: Spartacus

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MessaggioTitolo: Erin Cummings: Spartacus   Mar Gen 12, 2010 4:53 pm

Spartacus is obviously the story of the slave who became a gladiator who then lead a slave revolt. And people have asked me, “Is it based on the movie?” Well no, it’s an actual real story in history. And they’re like, “But it was a movie.” I’m like, “But the movie was based on history, a real story.”

Because Spartacus was a slave there just wasn’t that much documented material on his real life so there is a certain degree of creative license. For example, I play Spartacus’ wife, Sura. We are assuming that Spartacus had a life before he was a slave and that is where he meets Sura, and she is the motivation behind Spartacus’ every move.

In episode one, Sura is kidnapped and taken from him and he spends the whole of the season basically trying to get her back. It was the opportunity of a lifetime for me because it gave me the chance to play the leading lady, the love interest in a period piece, with an accent, doing fight scenes. Having done Spartacus, it kind of balances things out because people go, “Oh, she’s a really serious dramatic actress, but she’s got a cool sense of humor enough to go do a movie like Bitch Slap.”

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Erin Cummings: Spartacus
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