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 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Best Halloween Episode

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MessaggioTitolo: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Best Halloween Episode   Gio Ott 29, 2009 10:40 am

The Torch Online ha publicato un articolo sui migliori episodi di Halloween di varie serie TV, menzionando anche l'episodio: Girls Just wanna have Fun.
E non solo, Lucy viene anche menzionata nell'episodio dei Simpson

Citazione :
Xena: Warrior Princess - Girls Just Want to Have Fun

About a dozen or so years before the current vampire craze, and preceding Buffy by a year, the constantly provocative Xena: Warrior Princess aired an episode in its second season that featured Gabrielle and Xena turning into vampires, or “bacchae” as they’re referred to in this episode, servants of the evil Bacchus.
Okay, as far as being accurate to Greek mythology goes, they threw everything out the window. Bacchus (or, more accurately, Dionysus) was a god of wine and merrymaking, not a lookalike to Tim Curry’s Darkness from the movie Legend, after all. But the point of this episode wasn’t mythological accuracy, it was just to have a rocking good time, and they did just that. This is truly one for the ages.

The Simpsons:

Citazione :
With The Simpsons now in its 789th season, the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes have been declining in quality for the past several decades, but when they started, they were awesome. I especially loved the vignette called “The Shinning,” a send-up of The Shining which was not only hilarious but actually a little unsettling, and the very first episode’s sketch which cleverly parodied The Amityville Horror.

And super props for one of their Treehouse sketches featuring Lucy Lawless in her Xena outfit.
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Best Halloween Episode   Gio Ott 29, 2009 2:58 pm

bene !!! allora nella notte delle streghe e degli zombie .....un must è riguardare l'episodio GJWHF ........che tra l'altro è un episodio che mi piace molto........e dice bene l'articolo !! ha precdeuto di 1 anno la vampire slayere series ehhh Wink
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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Best Halloween Episode
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